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  1 Introduction To Aerospace Materials A Mouritz Woodhead Publishing 2011 45.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  2 Advances In Missile Guidance, Control And Estimation Balakrishnan Taylor and Francis 2010 95.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  3 Applied Genetics Programming And Machine Learning Hitoshi Iba Taylor and Francis 2010 48.99 Decrease Qty Increase
  4 Materials, Design And Manufacturing For Lightweight Vehicles P K Mallick Woodhead Publishing 2010 135.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  5 The Independent Airport Planning Reference Manual A L W Bradley Woodhead Publishing 2010 195.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  6 Vehicle Noise And Vibration Refinement Xu Wang Woodhead Publishing 2010 150.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  7 Unmanned Aircraft Systems: UAVS Design, Development And Deployment Reg Austin AIAA (American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics) 2010 $124.95 Decrease Qty Increase
  8 Computational Aeroacoustic Raman MSP 2009 85.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  9 Solid-State Microwave High-Power Amplifiers Franco Sechi Artech House 2009 69.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  10 Microwave Radio Transmission Design Guide, (2nd Edition) Trevor Manning Artech House 2009 68.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  11 Nanofluidics Patrick Abgrall Artech House 2009 68.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  12 Multi-Resolution Methods For Modeling And Control Of Dynamical Systems Puneet Singala Taylor and Francis 2009 76.99 Decrease Qty Increase
  13 Frontiers Of Propulsion Science Marc G. Millis AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) 2009 $129.95 Decrease Qty Increase
  14 Applied Signal Processing: Concepts, Circuits, And Systems Nadder Hamdy Taylor and Francis 2009 49.99 Decrease Qty Increase
  15 Introduction To Rocket Science And Engineering Travis S Taylor Taylor and Francis 2009 $54.99 Decrease Qty Increase
  16 EW 103: Tactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare David L. Adamy Artech House 2009 68.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  17 Integrated Interconnect Technologies For 3D Nanoelectronic Systems Muhannad S. Bakir Artech House 2009 99.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  18 Neural Networks In Atmospheric Remote Sensing William J. Blackwell Artech House 2009 68.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  19 GNSS Applications And Methods Scott Gleason Artech House 2009 87.00 Decrease Qty Increase
  20 Fundamentals And Applications Of Nanomaterials Zhen Guo Artech House 2009 68.00 Decrease Qty Increase
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